Friday, July 17, 2009

Goodbye JRoller

After some four or five years, it is time to move off of JRoller. That site goes down more often than a...well, you get the point. Let's see how blogger treats me...


  1. Smart move. I made the switch long time ago.

    1. JRoller was one of the favorite among most Java blogger, sadly it doesn't keep it promises.

  2. I have been a JRoller use myself for sometime now, but after a number of offline messages, I've decided to call it quit as well.

  3. There's no way you can stay with free hosted blogs if you'd like to get a decent service.

    I once used a similar site as I was working for a small company and used VOIP Headophones to comminicate with colleague.

    Get your own domain and ge it hosted somewhere.

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